If someone dies while living in Denmark Danish succession law will apply, whereas it is the law in the man’s home country at the time of the marriage, which regulates property relationships between spouses in case of divorce.

Danish International and European family and succession law for Expat’s.
When you move to Denmark, Danish national rules regulates inheritance mattes. Succession may vary considerably from Denmark and your home country and/or Member State in the EU.

What is the situation without a will?
In short, there are many vInnoDBbles that come into play. First of all, what country you come from, whether you have an existing will, if you have separate property in your marriage or as the general rule in Denmark common property. In the latter case, 1Ž4 of the couple’s total assets would be transferred to the children immediately and will be barred until the children turns 18 years. Depending on the situation this might have very unfortunate consequences, therefore and because the “uskiftede bo”, is unknown in many other countries, it makes sense to secure the family with a Danish Will.

A Danish will
Writing a Danish will for expats includes the following work:
a. Interview in English, via Skype or in our office in Hellerup/Copenhagen
b. Draft in Danish (statutory)
c. Indicative English translation
d. Proof wriiting in English
e. Final Testament in Danish with authorized English translation

Will for expat’s incl. VAT from                                                                            DKK 15,000.
Certified translation if you do not read Danish incl. VAT                             DKK 5.000.
Registration at the notary                                                                                 DKK 300.

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